The King’s Story

What is the gospel? Is it just some facts to believe to someday get to heaven? Is its only impact providing us salvation from our sins?

The gospel is the Story of Jesus, the climactic chapter in the Story of God that brings resolution to the Story of Israel. How well do we understand this story today? How well do we understand the role we are invited to play in this story?

And why is it that the Christian faith seems either boring or irrelevant to those outside the church, and to many on the inside, too?

I remember as a child reading stories like the Chronicles of Narnia and having my imagination captured, becoming lost in the world of Narnia and projecting myself into the stories. I am still captivated by these kinds of stories today, and I love sharing good stories with my children.

I want my children to see the Story of God as a good story, a story to get lost and found within. My hope for each of my children is they see Jesus with as much awe and wonder as they see Aslan.

I want my kids to know that this “Christianity thing” is so much more than making a singular decision and getting a ticket to heaven. I want them to have their imaginations so captured by the Story that they find themselves falling head over heels in love with this Jesus character, and He revolutionizes their lives.

This retelling of the Story of God is for them, but it is for you as well. May you see in full 4D 1080i clarity and color the Story you already know so well, may you fall more in love with our great Storyteller, and may you embrace the role He has created you for and placed you in.

This is my attempt at retelling a Greater Story.

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