Quotes for Parents of Teenagers

On Parenting:

We can view adolescence as either “an age of opportunity or a season for survival.”

-Paul Tripp

My friend Ethan says that being a parent means you go through life with the invisible muzzle of a gun held to your head. You may have the greatest joy you ever dreamed of, but you will never again draw an untroubled breath.

-Anne Lamott

On Adolescence:

There are no well-adjusted adolescents. Adolescence is, by definition, maladjustment. And getting adjusted is a strenuous and often noisy process.

-Eugene Peterson

Adolescence is an in-between stage determined not so much by what it is but by what it is not. Adolescence is not childhood, and it is not adulthood; it is the period in between those two stages.

-David Walsh

On Being a Teenager:

What’s the greatest problem facing teenagers today? Sin.

-Walt Mueller