Return to the Kingdom, Chapter Two

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Many brave men and women lost their lives that dark day.

The king’s army fought valiantly. His knights took no pleasure in taking their brothers’ lives, and it soon became apparent they weren’t. They were taking them captive.

They surrounded Lucius’ army, and pushed in. The king’s strategy was now clear: to use their advantage in numbers to suppress the rebels and force their surrender rather than take their lives. Despite now being his enemies, the king’s love trumped his desire for justice.

Lucius, realizing they were beaten, thought it better to live to fight another day and surrendered. His knights grudgingly relinquished their weapons, and their hands were tied. Then the king had the rebels brought before him to hear his ruling against them.

The king’s decree was that they would keep their lives, but nothing else. They were banished from the kingdom and would live the rest of their days in exile. Wandering outside the kingdom, struggling to survive.

The rebels were taken to the outskirts of the kingdom, untied, and forced to leave.

The king wept.

Years passed. The king’s people began to forget about the uprising, but the king did not. The older generation died, and a new generation took their place. The king surveyed his land, at the many houses that still stood empty and fields that were unplowed. His heart broke for his people.

That night he made a decision. He exchanged his scepter for a walking stick. His royal clothes for the garb of a peasant.

Without a look back, the king left his palace.

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