Return to the Kingdom, Chapter One

Long ago, before the first great age of the Earth had ended, when pockets of magic and mystery still existed, there was a hidden kingdom. This kingdom was in a remote part of the world, in a lush valley entirely surrounded by a formidable mountain range.

Beyond the mountains were other tribes of people, some good and some bad. The mountains provided protection and security to the people of the kingdom, keeping out those tribes desiring to pillage the land and conquer the people.

But it was the king who truly protected his people.

Years ago, before anyone living had yet been born, the king had placed a spell upon his kingdom, creating an invisible wall around the perimeter. This wall served as an impenetrable barrier blocking all enemies of the king from entering. But any travelers seeking refuge and needing food and shelter were able to pass through the wall and were welcomed to stay and live under the king.

As word spread about this king and his kingdom, many made the dangerous journey, risking their lives to reach the kingdom. Others, with evil intentions, also made the journey but could not find entry once they had crossed the mountains.

And so the population of the kingdom grew, and the king’s people lived well, each day better than the day before.

Everyone worked hard and did their part, doing the work that came most naturally to them. No one ever lacked in food. All were content with their place in life. When disputes or problems occasionally arose, the king would send one of his knights to bring resolution to the issue. If needed, the king himself would come and bring justice.

The leader of the king’s knights, the king’s right hand man, was Sir Lucius. He was a highly respected man and full of wisdom. The king saw him as a son and treated him as such.

One day as Sir Lucius surveyed the kingdom, the idea of ruling entered his mind. At first, he was shocked by the thought, but he could not let it go. He entertained the thought more, and it took root in his heart. The thirst for absolute power overtook him, and he began to scheme and devise a plan to dethrone the king.

In the dark of night, he approached those he knew would join him. One-third of the king’s army and thousands of the king’s people listened to his vision of remaking the valley and his promise of ruling alongside him. In the end, all pledged their allegiance to him.

Sir Lucius and his army took up arms and marched to the king’s palace. But as they came up the valley, there was the king with his knights. Swords drawn. Ready and waiting. And both armies charged.

The Great Battle for the throne had begun.

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