Magic Like A Lawnmower

Tonight I mowed my lawn. Although I didn’t finish the entire yard, this should be the last time I mow this year. I wasn’t mowing because my grass is long; I was mowing because it’s easier than raking.

It seems crazy to mow in the middle of November, but I still have a few leaves on a couple trees. Last year, our oak tree didn’t give up its last leaves until mid-March. Talk about your “bitter clingers.”

I noticed Micah watching me from the window, and I wondered if he wondered where the leaves were going as I mowed. I remembered when I was younger, I believe a year or two ago, watching someone mowing a yard full of leaves and staring in wide-eyed wonder as the leaves just disappeared.

It was magical.

Which got me to thinking about what ‘magical’ really is… simply something I don’t understand. It’s not necessarily truly magical, there could be a very simple, logical explanation behind it; but for whatever reason I just don’t get it, so to me it appears magical.

Which of course means our world is full of magic.

There is magic in how television, bluetooth, and satellite radio work; how Justin Bieber ever got so popular; and why bacon is so delicious. There are also magical mysteries in how I can sleep forever if I keep hitting my snooze button but if I don’t set my alarm at all I can’t sleep past 6:30; in how I can plan on being so productive and then discover that it’s past lunchtime and the interwebs have caught me once more in their snare; and in how the hair on my head has somehow migrated to my back.

Magic is around every corner. It is magical how the Red Sea was parted, and God’s people walked across on dry land. It is magical how three guys can walk in fire so hot it kills the bad guys who threw them in. It is magical that these three guys walk out of the fire completely unharmed, and their clothes don’t even smell like smoke! Have you ever been to a friendly neighborhood bonfire that didn’t leave you smelling like smoke?

It is magical how Jesus told a dead girl to get up. It is magical how in Jesus’ hands mud and spit restored the blind man’s sight. It is magical what Jesus did with five loaves and two fish.

And it is magical what Jesus did with my sins. It’s not something I totally understand, but I trust that when He said “It’s finished,” He meant it.

What’s magical in your world?