I Can’t Do It

Is it too early for a heavy thought?

Here it is: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your strength.

This is heavy because Jesus qualified it as the most important thing for us to be sure we’re doing.

That’s right. At the top of the list is not eat your vegetables, wash behind your ears, or mind your p’s and q’s. It’s love God with the entirety of your being.

Since it’s so heavy, maybe we should give it some extra attention. So I have. And I’ve discovered there’s another reason why it’s heavy.

I can’t do it.

I fail. And I’d wager to say you fail, too.

What’s the point of leaving this as a command that I can’t keep? Instead, let’s take this verse and turn it into a prayer, and in time it may once again become a command. Or to be more accurate, it will have become a way of living.

I am deformed and diseased. I am not whole. I am not well.

I lay myself on the altar of the Almighty Surgeon, the Great Physician.

Take Your scalpel and open me up. Do not reel back at what You see, but remove what must go and replace what is dead.

Begin with my mind; leave no corner untouched. Sweep it, scrub it until it is clean, then etch Your words on the walls of my mind. Fill and renew my mind that I may see You and Your world with 20/20 vision.

Remove my heart. It stopped beating long ago. Quick, put in a new heart, that heart of flesh. That heart that beats along with Your heart. Now I see what you see, and I care about what you care about.

Break my will. Then reset it so that it is straight, so that it matches Your will. And when my will does not match Yours, break it again. And again. So that finally I say, “Not mine, but Your will be done.” And I begin to do what You want me to do.

Sew me up and breathe the Breath of Life into me. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Give me Today my daily bread: the mind, heart, and will of Jesus the Christ.

I am no longer the same. I am a new creation. Remade in the image of the Son.


How would you turn the Greatest Commandment into a prayer to God?