‘Cause I Gotta Have Faith

The purpose of being a Christian is to trust God with your life.

It is not just to trust God to forgive your sins; it is to trust Him with every aspect of your life.

The first few generations of Christians were not persecuted and executed because they were trusting God to get them to heaven. It was because they were trusting God with their lives in a way that was causing societal upheaval around them.

They were insurrectionists. They were living radically different than the rest of the world. In making Jesus their Lord and King, they were rejecting the rulers and systems of the day.

What about us? What does it look like for us to move from only trusting God with our hearts to trusting Him with our lives?

What are the things we trust in? Turn to?

We turn to food to give us comfort. We turn to entertainment to escape from the reality and stress of our lives. We turn to alcohol and drugs (even prescribed ones!) to numb us from the pain in our lives.

We turn to our money to provide for us. We turn to insurance, investments, and our government to give us security and stability.

We turn to Facebook for validation. Some of us turn to our blogs for significance. Ahem!

We can take anything and turn to it in a way that God is jealous for us to turn to Him alone.

This was the case with Abraham.

Abraham loved his son, Isaac. He doted on him. He loved him much more than his own life, possibly more than anything.

And God commanded Abraham to take his son high up a mountain, build an altar to God, and sacrifice Isaac on that altar. And Abraham obeys, and in his obedience gives God what God requires: absolute trust and dependence on Him for all he needs.

God stops Abraham before he brings the knife down, because it was not the child’s death that God wanted. It was Abraham’s heart.

God did not want Abraham to get rid of his son. But God wanted Abraham to be able to live without his son. God does not want us to live as hermits in the desert, away from everyone and everything. But He wants us to be okay with that if He would call us to it. He wants us to be able to survive and thrive with Him alone.

Think of the things you turn to in your moments of need. Maybe it’s a couple hours of TV. Maybe it’s a nice, cold one. Maybe it’s bacon.

God might not demand you give those things up. But are you willing to put anything and everything on the altar? Are you willing to offer it all up? And potentially give it up forever?

If we were stripped away (like Job) of all the people and things that bring us happiness, purpose, and security, would we be okay if all that was left was us and God?

Learning to trust in Jesus alone, turning to Him instead of ________, this will bring us into a deeper relationship than we’ve experienced before.

By doing this, we may begin to live differently. We may begin to look strange to those around us. We might be called wackos or worse. But we may also discover we’ve finally found the living water that truly quenches our thirsts.