Can the Gospel Still Change the World?

believe → get forgiven → go to heaven

is that it?

that’s a neat, tidy little statement,
but to be honest, its impact on my life today is rather small.

the truth is, i’m still stressed.
truth is, i’m still messed up,
and i’m constantly getting dressed up
to hide it all.

is that all this gospel can do?

i’ve heard the good news is an “already-but-not-yet” kind of news.
but all i hear about is of the “not yet” variety.
can anyone address the “already” already?

is there more to the gospel?
if you can reduce it to three points,
share it under a minute,
or put it on a napkin,
might it have lost something?

in the land of infomercials
and ten-minute tutorials,
don’t give me information that lacks impact.
what my heart is longing for is (re)formation.

is there a gospel that can give me that?

i don’t want a self-help gospel,
and i don’t want a no-help gospel.
i’m looking for the real deal Jesus-save-me-now gospel.

i’m desperate for tangible, touchable hope for today.
answers to the complex issues of living in this world.

i need a bigger story.
the whole story from start to finish.
tell me who i am in this story, where i fit,
and that we will all live happily ever after.

most of all, i need a gospel for the here and now,
not just the hereafter.