You made it! You somehow stumbled on this old blog of mine. This blog reflects a handful of years of me trying to write about the incomprehensible idea that the Almighty wants to be your friend and mine.

Interestingly enough, looking back at this chapter of my life, as I wrote for others about the grace of God and the invitation to be His child, God Himself was hard at work taking that all-important identity piece for me and slowly moving it from an intellectualized truth to an experiential reality that has taken me decades to deep-down-believe is actually true. In this case, something that seems too good to be true, is actually true.

If, like me, you deep-down-struggle with believing you’re good enough, maybe something in this old blog will connect with you. Maybe not. It’s hard for me to remember what all I wrote!

But, if you’re curious and have some time to kill, here are some of my favorite posts that give you a place to start:

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God bless and happy reading.