A Hair Drying Lesson

Kelly and Addi are discussing the possibility of growing out their hair long enough to donate it to Locks of Love. Not a very feasible project for me, although I could probably grow a mean mullet…

Tonight, as I dried Addi’s hair with the hair dryer, she asked me what would happen when she cut her hair. I told her they would make it into a wig for someone to wear. She asked if the hair would continue to grow.

“No,” I answered. “Hair can only grow when it’s connected to your head. Once it’s cut, it can’t grow anymore.”

Light bulb.

I think Jesus once said something like this and then applied it to our relationship with Him.

It’s a pretty simple concept, isn’t it? Connected to Him we can grow, we can serve, we can accomplish much. Cut ourselves off from Him though and, in Jesus’ own words, we can do nothing.

Simple concept, yet far too often I need to be reminded of it. My identity is in Christ.