Talking To Squirrels

An Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis...
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This is the conversation my wife overheard of our twin boys while they played at a park yesterday.

Levi: “Squirrel, if you would just come down here, we’ll show you where the acorns are.”

Micah: “Levi, whenever you see that squirrel again, tell me and I’ll give him this acorn.”

I love that they’re so concerned for the squirrel’s survival, but I also love that their imagination knows no limits!

What happens to us as we get older that squelches our imagination, makes us give up on our dreams, and “grow up?”

  • Linda Bordeaux

    Good post, Tim. I think my imagination, or perhaps my passion-driven vision, has increased, instead of being squelched. However, I might be missing your point and talking about something different than what you were saying. If the boys could imagine becoming squirrels themselves, but still being all Micah and all Levi, in order to communicate and gain trust with the real squirrels, they might also realize the reason that we needed God to send Jesus incarnated.