Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

1. Napoleon Dynamite’s long-lost cousins. [youtube=]

2. Two most important commands: Love your neighbor as yourself, and don’t steal Jesus. [youtube=]

3. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about doing this. [youtube=]

4. How’d they do that? [youtube=]

5. Today’s programs are brought to you by the number K, the letter 4, and National Geographic. [youtube=]

Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

1. When the economy’s as bad as it is today, even penguins can get desperate enough to turn to a life of crime… [youtube=]

2. Who will win the Triple Crown? You’ll just have to watch to find out… [youtube=]

3. This guy just earned some major brownie points. Well played, sir, well played… [youtube=!]

4. Today’s sponsor… [youtube=]

Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

You know what I loved about Saturday mornings? Eating gobs of cereal and watching cartoons. And when I was a kid, cartoons were good. So to honor those days gone by, here are some videos that may or may not be better than Saturday morning cartoons.

1. Why can’t the news always be like this…


2. A new sport that might soon capture America’s heart…


3. Don’t try this at home. Or on the street. But maybe try this in a mattress factory…


4. This morning’s programs proudly brought to you by…