Return to the Kingdom, Chapter Four

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The old man stood, leaning on his walking stick, facing Lucius. Lucius’ men had grabbed him and brought him here to be interrogated.

“Why have you come, old man? Why are you causing trouble?”

“I have not come to bring trouble. I have come because the King has never stopped loving his people.”

“Aren’t you giving them false hope? They are exiles. I have walked around the kingdom many times. There is no way back in for us.”

“Lucius, there is much you do not know about the King or his kingdom. There is nothing false about the hope I have given the exiles. Your pride always did blind you to your own ignorance.”

At that, anger rose within Lucius. The tension in the room was thick.

“Careful what you say, old man. You’re treading on thin ice.”

The old man stepped forward, pushing back the hooded robe, fully revealing his face and his true identity for the first time.

“Lucius, I came back for you, too.”

Lucius reactively swung out at the King, his fist connecting squarely with the side of his face. The King fell to one knee, catching himself with his right arm.

“Old fool! Do you realize by coming here you have given me your kingdom? I never understood your stubborn love for those people or all those stragglers that wanted in. And now your love has undone you.”

Lucius hit the King again, and the other knights joined in, hitting and kicking the King. Right before he slipped into unconsciousness, the King heard Lucius scoff, “We’ll let the people you love so much decide your fate.”

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