Read Like You Mean It

I’m gone for the next couple of days; I get to hang out with a couple college buddies. So in the meantime and in-between-time, here are three great blog posts I’ve read recently that you should check out:

Christ is the Point – if you’re only going to read one of these, read this.

Obituary for the American Church – lengthy, but good, and spot on.

On the Gospel – even lengthier, but good read if you’ve got the time. These guys continually churn out really good stuff, lots of good stuff to process. I highly recommend checking out their blog.


  • Ben McLaughlin

    Wow! “Christ is the Point” is an awesome post with wonderful truths to reminds us of who we are and who Christ is and what He has done. Love it!
    > Ben

    • Tim

      I agree. A must-read.