Seems the marketing strategy of the church these days is: “You can have the life you’ve always wanted.”
But who would want a life that looks like a cross?

–Rodney Reeves, Spirituality According to Paul (33)

Marketing the Cross



  • Stephen Haggerty

    That’s great stuff. Or who would want to eat his flesh and drink his blood? Or who would want to become last? Not sure how anyone could spin Jesus to be a prophet of a health & wealth gospel.

  • Nathan J. Anderson

    Good point. I wrestle with the God’s provision and blessing vs. the reality of persecution. So much of life has to do with capturing one’s thoughts for Christ, and then moving forward into the dreams God has planted in your heart.

    Yes, there is blessing as we obey, but that blessing isn’t always readily evident. Christ suffered willingly to inherit US. Which leads to the question: what is it God has called me to do to in order to inherit a blessing?

    As I pursue that calling, I want to provide well for my family, and to share what we have with others. But if persecution and hardship rears its head, so be it. We will walk faithfully to inherit a blessing in the future.