Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

It’s time for another rousing edition of Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons. Today’s clips fall under the sports motif. Hope you enjoy!

1. We’ll start with some exercise: work it.

2. Boys and their bets.

3. Here is some rare footage of Adolf Hitler reacting to some surprising news. Brace yourself.

4. I had to include this because it could so easily be a home video of me and my brothers.

5. Today’s program brought to you by Doritos and the sheer brilliance of Tripp and Tyler.

  • Jon

    Slightly offended about the whole “me and my brothers” thing, but in the end, it really focused more on you and Nate. The Hitler reaction thing was amazing: “you’ll never catch me tebowing.”

    • Tim

      It’s never about you, Jon.

  • Stephen Haggerty

    :) What is wrong with the folks in the work out video- is that for serious?

    I’m not sure why Hitler is so funny, but he is. I love those videos, hadn’t seen this one yet- glad you shared.

    • Tim

      It is for serious. I’m really tempted to give it a try.

  • Trevor Lee

    That workout video may give Lloyd Christmas a run for his money for the most annoying sound in the world.

    Am I allowed to think anything Hitler is funny? I did.

    Never saw the Doritos commercial before–freaking awesome.