Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

Love Saturday morning cartoons as a kid? Me too. But now you’re grown up, so watching them is just creepy. So watch these instead.

1. Tyler and Tripp bring the funny. As always.

2. If you don’t think this is cute, you might not have a soul. Just sayin’.

3. This little game would make shopping fun for millions of men.

4. Do you remember what happened in 2011? Here’s a video recap from Google of some of the biggest events.

5. A Social Network Christmas by Igniter Media.

6. This morning’s “cartoons” brought to you by our friends at Zipcar.

  • Louis Tullo

    I love the Black Friday shopping prank. I died when I watched that! :)

    • Tim

      I wonder how many guys watch that video and then go and do it themselves? I know I want to!

  • Bill Bordeaux

    Loved the “re-enactment” of the Christmas story and the facebook version too.

    the Black Friday prank was a stitch!

  • Stephen Haggerty

    Awesomely awesome- love the Tyler & Tripp video (“2 Timothy 9… ever heard of it??”), and the shopping prank was hilarious (“Daddy Butter?”).

  • robshep

    Great videos. That Google 2011 video was amazing!

    • Tim

      I know. And it’s crazy how short my memory is. There were so many times that I thought, “oh, yeah, I forgot about that.”