Back in the D.R.

Grounded. That’s what I feel here.

We’re back in the Dominican, and it’s good to be back. I will never get tired of seeing students getting a taste of serving others, seeing their arms and their hearts go out to these little ones.

I will never get tired of giving myself in this way either. We are so limited in what we can do in such a short time and with the language barrier, but what a blessing to pour ourselves out in an effort to show our love and share God’s love. It is sweet water to my thirsty soul.

We head to English church this morning, then Bombita this afternoon for home visits. Monday and Tuesday we will do VBS both mornings and visit two other neighborhoods in the afternoons. We get to pass out many of the things we brought Tuesday afternoon at Palm Village, one of the places I’m most looking forward to returning to.

And then we leave for home. It will all be over much too soon.

But we will carry these people in our hearts, and the contagious bug of serving others will come home with us, too.